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Master Painters of London Ontario:  Contact us today to experience Safe, Efficient, Versatile Painting. Call us for a FREE quote for top-quality exterior painting with reliability and with our two Boom lifts for those problematic areas.

Master Painters London Ontario, a name synonymous with residential painting excellence since 1999, uses boom lifts for exterior painting projects involving work at elevated heights. Safety, efficiency, and versatility are the compelling reasons behind this decision.


Safety is our foremost priority. Boom lifts have essential safety features, such as secure guardrails, harness anchor points, and non-slip platforms. These features significantly reduce the risk of accidents and falls when working at heights, ensuring the safety of our painters and providing peace of mind to homeowners.

Efficiency is another key factor. Boom lifts’ exceptional maneuverability provides seamless access to challenging areas, such as towering exterior walls. This translates to an efficient and precise painting process, resulting in quicker project completion. London, Ontario, homeowners benefit from a faster, smoother, and hassle-free painting experience, allowing them to enjoy the transformed look of their homes sooner.

Versatility is the third critical advantage. Boom lifts can adapt to various applications, making them perfect for various residential painting tasks. Their adjustable height and angle capabilities facilitate access to hard-to-reach spots, from high exterior walls to intricate architectural features. This versatility guarantees that London, Ontario, homeowners receive tailored painting solutions that enhance both the aesthetic appeal and long-term durability of their residences.

Choosing Master Painters and boom lifts for your project means investing in top-notch painting while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the process. With these benefits, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your home is in the hands of experienced professionals using the best equipment available. Call us for the most reliable and efficient residential painting services in London, Ontario. 226.998.6336. 

Boom Lifts - Master Painters London Ontario

BOOM LIFTS. EXTERIOR PAINTING. Discover the unparalleled expertise of Master Painters London Ontario. With twelve in-house professional painters and two boom lifts, we redefine exterior painting with precision and efficiency. Our dedicated team utilizes high-quality Benjamin Moore Aura paint to provide enduring results. Trust us for comprehensive service, from sealing cracks to two-tone facades. Benefit from a 10-year written warranty, ensuring lasting beauty for your home.


Brick Painting - Master Painters London Ontario

BOOM LIFTS. BRICK PAINTING. Master Painters in London, Ontario, is your top choice for painting projects due to our extensive resources, including two boom lifts, $55,000 worth of tools, and a team of twelve master painters. With our efficient and precise approach, we guarantee superior results that exceed expectations. Trust us to elevate your property’s appeal and ensure satisfaction with the right team of painters, tools, and Benjamin Moore paints.

Heritage Brick Painting - Master Painters London

BOOM LIFTS. HERITAGE BRICK PAINTING. Master Painters in London, Ontario, efficiently completed this project in three consecutive days using a crane, Graco Jet Roller, and a team of six skilled painters. Our expertise and dedication ensured precise application and flawless results. Trust Master Painters for swift and high-quality painting services in London, Ontario, backed by superior equipment, a commitment to excellence, and a ten-year warranty. Call today.

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Discover our expertise through this testimonial video, showcasing our unwavering commitment to homeowners in London, Ontario. Experience fifteen heartfelt testimonials that commend our dedication to quality and professionalism. Hiring Master Painters in London, Ontario, is a risk-free choice that delivers exceptional results, enhancing property values and curb appeal swiftly. Serving London since 1999 – Call us at 226.998.6336.