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Day Jobs - Master Painters of London Ontario
Day Jobs – Master Painters of London Ontario

DAY JOBS. Some companies prioritize completing projects quickly at the expense of long-term durability.


  1. Specify Durability Requirements in Contract: Clearly outline your expectations for the paint job’s durability in the written contract. Include details about the expected lifespan, quality standards, and specific durability requirements.
  2. Inquire About Product and Material Quality: Ask the painting company about the quality of paints and materials used. Request information about the specific brands, types, and durability characteristics of the products they plan to use for your project.
  3. Discuss Long-Term Goals: Talk with the painting company about your long-term goals for the painted surfaces. Express the importance of durability and inquire about their approach to achieving a long-lasting finish.
  4. Specify Surface Preparation Standards: Emphasize the importance of thorough surface preparation before painting. Specify in the contract that adequate time and effort should be dedicated to preparing surfaces for optimal adhesion and durability.
  5. Ask for a Warranty for Durability: Inquire about the warranty or guarantee offered by the painting company for the durability of their work. A company that stands behind the longevity of its paint job is more likely to prioritize quality over speed.
  6. Request Examples of Past Projects: Ask for examples of past projects where the company prioritized long-term durability. Visual evidence of their commitment to quality and longevity can provide assurance.
  7. Include a Quality Assurance Clause: Incorporate a quality assurance clause in the contract, outlining the standards and expectations for the paint job’s durability. Include consequences for failure to meet these standards.
  8. Discuss Painting Techniques: Inquire about the painting company’s techniques to enhance durability. Discuss factors such as proper application, layering, and protective coatings contributing to a longer-lasting finish.
  9. Educate Yourself on Paint Characteristics: Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of high-quality paints and materials. This knowledge will empower you to ask informed questions about the products being used for your project.
  10. Set Realistic Project Timelines: Collaborate with the painting company to set realistic project timelines for proper preparation, application, and drying times. Rushed timelines can compromise the durability of the paint job.
  11. Check for Certifications and Standards: Inquire whether the painting company adheres to industry standards and certifications related to durability and quality. Certifications can indicate a commitment to meeting certain benchmarks.
  12. Include a Long-Term Maintenance Plan: Discuss and include a long-term maintenance plan in the contract. This plan can outline recommended maintenance practices to extend the life and durability of the paint job.

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