Unexpected Painting Costs

Unexpected Painting Costs - Master Painters of London Ontario Unexpected Painting Costs - Master Painters of London Ontario
Unexpected Painting Costs – Master Painters of London Ontario Unexpected Painting Costs – Master Painters of London Ontario

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to unexpected painting costs in the middle of your project. Master Painters of London Ontario has identified a dozen examples of these potential surprises:

Structural Damage: Uncovering hidden structural issues like rot or water damage behind walls may result in extra expenses and project delays.

Pest Infestations: Dealing with unexpected pest problems, such as termites, cockroaches, or rodents, may require additional remediation for health and safety reasons before painting can proceed.

Hidden Asbestos: The discovery of asbestos during your project may necessitate costly removal, which could impact your budget, or it can remain undisturbed. You must weigh your options.

Lead Paint Abatement: Older homes may contain lead-based paint, requiring costly lead paint abatement. We offer solutions that don’t require any abatement.

Environmental Hazards: Environmental concerns such as mould or mildew may require specialized removal and protective measures to ensure health and safety.

Complex Architectural Features: Extra charges may apply for intricate architectural details, especially those located at great heights or in non-standard angles.

Old Wiring or Plumbing: Electrical or plumbing issues discovered during the project must be addressed before painting can proceed. Completing all necessary work beforehand can prevent damage to your newly painted walls.

Change Orders: Any changes in your project’s scope or requests for upgraded materials can lead to unexpected expenses.

Weather Delays: Outdoor painting projects may face delays due to adverse weather conditions, potentially increasing labour costs if work has to stop at midday.

Labour Shortages: Unexpected labour shortages in the painting industry can drive up costs. Master Painters of London Ontario, where we provide fixed pricing, can help you navigate these challenges.

Material Price Increases: Fluctuations in paint and material costs may impact your project’s budget. Seek a comprehensive quote to better manage this expense and trust in your painting contractor.

Being aware of these potential hidden costs can help you plan your painting project more effectively. For reliable and transparent pricing, trust Master Painters of London Ontario.

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