How Long Will It Take to Paint My House?

How Long Will it Take To Paint My House? - Master Painters of London Ontario
How Long Will it Take To Paint My House? – Master Painters of London Ontario How Long Will it Take To Paint My House? – Master Painters of London Ontario

When you meet with Master Painters of London Ontario, we will provide an exact timeframe. Please remember that project durations can vary based on your specific requirements and architectural elements such spindles, cathedral ceilings, wallpaper removal, chair rails, etc.

Keep in mind that your choice of colour also contributes greatly to the timeline. Applying light colours over darker colours will require several coats of paint versus dark colours over light colours. The following is a general timeline based on our experience.

Preparation and Minor Wall Repairs: This initial phase, including cleaning, patching minor wall imperfections, and surface sanding, can be efficiently completed in 2 days to ensure a smooth, clean base for painting, including closet interiors.

Priming and Caulking: Applying primer to all surfaces, including doors, trim, walls, and ceilings, and thorough caulk application can typically be completed within a half day.

Painting Trim Work and Doors: Painting doors and trim work is meticulous work. Our team of six master painters can accomplish this phase in 2 to 3 days, including closet doors and trim work.

Painting Ceilings: Ceiling painting, including two coats and proper edging, may take 1 to 2 days.

Painting Walls and Closets: Painting the walls, closets, and interiors is a significant part of the project. You can expect this phase to take around 2 to 3 days with our six master painters.

Drying Time: Each coat of paint requires sufficient drying time, which can add a day.

Cleanup: Proper cleanup, crucial for a professional finish, generally takes about half a day, ensuring all spaces are left clean and tidy.

Considering these estimates and our team of six experienced residential painters from Master Painters of London Ontario, the total project duration for 2500 square feet, three-bedroom house with closets, doors, trim work, walls, ceilings, minor wall repairs, and caulking might take around 9 days. This timeline allows for a comprehensive, efficient, high-quality interior painting project.

Painting the interior of an occupied, lived-in (not new or vacant) 2500 square-foot house with our team of six skilled residential painters is a substantial project best left to the professionals at Master Painters of London Ontario.

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